The emblem of the College consists of a shield divided into four parts with a circle in the middle. On the top left, there is a crescent and a star symbolic of Islamic Culture and faith in future prosperity. On the right there is an open book symbolizing knowledge. At the bottom right there is a lotus, the symbol for purity and prosperity. The bottom left represents a replica of Golden Rock standing for strength and striving. Inset in the mid-circle is the frontage of the College main building with a dome and minarets representing the essence of Islamic Culture: The Present is a Preparation for the Hereafter. Underneath the shield is a ribbon containing a verse from the Holy Quran in Arabic Script followed by its translation in English, Show us the right path which is the motto of the college. Thus the Emblem of Jamal enshrines the ideals of cultural integration and guidance of learning and striving to succeed Here and the Hereafter, tempered with constant prayer to the Almighty to guide us on the straight path.The four figures in the shield are diagonally placed with Green and Yellow backgrounds. In other worlds our College colours consist of Green and Yellow stranding Prosperity and Happiness.