Industry Institute Partnership Centre (IIPC)

The fast growing industrial development in India, flow of Foreign Direct Investment, western countries shifting of their research centre and manufacturing base to our country provide ample opportunities in terms of business and employment for management students. This in turn is a challenge to management institutions to prepare the students with innovative thinking and managerial skills to meet the requirements of the industry. Keeping this in the background, IIPC is set up in the Jamal Institute of Management (JIM), Jamal Mohamed College, Tiruchirappalli. IIPC will organize various activities such as Executive Development Program for the industries, undertaking consultancy work, organizing business lectures, forming of CEO forum and celebrating management day. The centre will interact and review with industry, managers and leaders to update the curriculum for the management education. Also through guest lectures and interaction with business giants, the development in the industry will be imparted to the students and thus make them to prepare to face the challenges in the industry and to achieve an organizational excellence.