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Jamal Mohamed College was founded in 1951, as an affiliated college to the University of Madras and then affiliated to Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, when it was formed in 1984.

The college is administered by the Society of Jamal Mohamed College. It is established in a sprawling land area of 87 acres, as a religious minority institution. Janab. M. Jamal Mohamed Sahib and Janab N.M. Khajamian Rowther, of revered memory, were the founding fathers of this institution.

In the year 1957 the college got the single honor of being bracketed with the thirty best colleges in India when Dan forth Foundation of USA selected the college for the award of study fellowships in U.S.A. In 1963 the college was elevated to the status of a post-graduate college.

In the year 1972, the college was recognized by UGC New Delhi, for Grant purposes under section 2(F) and 12(B) of the University Grants Commission Act 1956. In 1977, on the recommendation of the University of Madras, the UGC recognized the college as one of the ten "Lead colleges" in the university area. During 2004-2005, the UGC, Government of Tamil Nadu and Bharathidasan University conferred Autonomous status for all the programmes.

The college was awarded the coveted Five Star Status by NAAC, an autonomous body of UGC, during the Golden Jubilee year 2000-2001. The college was re-accreditated, by NAAC at 'A' grade with CGPA of 3.6 out of 4.0 in January 2009. The college celebrated its Diamond Jubilee during 2010-2011.The UGC has conferred the prestigious status of College with Potential for Excellence to our college during 2012. The college completed sixty years of its very useful service in higher education with maximum student strength of 10640 and 383 teaching faculty. Many of our past students now occupy covetable positions in India and abroad in the field of Science and Technology, in Indian Administrative Services, Judiciary, Police Services, Information Technology, etc., all vouchsafing to the quality of education to which they were exposed in this campus.


The emblem of the college consists of a shield divided into four parts with a circle in the middle. On the top left, there is a crescent and a star, a symbol of Islamic culture and faith in future prosperity. On the right, there is an open book symbolizing knowledge. At the bottom right, there is a lotus, the symbol for purity and prosperity. The bottom left represents a replica of Golden Rock standing for strength and striving. Inset in the mid-circle is the frontage of the college main building with a dome and minarets representing the essence of Islamic culture: The present is a preparation for the Hereafter. Underneath the shield is a ribbon containing a verse from the Holy Quran in Arabic Script followed by its translation in English that reads: 'Show us the right path', which is the motto of the college.

Thus the emblem of Jamal enshrines the ideals of cultural integration and guidance of learning and striving to succeed in the Here and the Hereafter, tempered with constant prayers to the Almighty to guide us on the straight path. The four figures in the shield are diagonally placed with green and yellow backgrounds, stranding prosperity and happiness.

Honoris Causa

Janab M. Jamal Mohamed Sahib

Janab N.M. Khajamian Rowther

Janab N.M. Khajamian Rowther 1951 to 1954
Janab M. Jamal Mohideen Sahib 1954 to 1975
Hajee M.B. Abdullah Sahib 1975 to 1989
Hajee K.A. Kader Sahib 1989 to 1990
Janab N.M.K. Abdul Khaliq Sahib 1990 to 1995
Janab M.J. Jamal Mohideen Sahib 1951 to 1966
Hajee M.J. Jamaludeen Sahib 1966 to 1973
Hajee K.A. Kader Sahib 1973 to 1988
Hajee M.B. Abdullah Sahib 1988 to 1989
Hajee M.J.M. Abdul Gafoor Sahib 1989 to 2011
Janab N.M.K. Abdul Samad Sahib 1951 to 1964
Hajee K.A. Kader Sahib 1964 to 1973
Hajee M.J.M. Abdul Gafoor Sahib 1973 to 1989
Prof. Hajee M.J.Mohamed Sayeed Sahib, M.A.L.T 1951 to 1970
Prof. E.W.P. Thomas, M.A., 1970 to 1971
Prof. E.P. Mohamed Ismail, M.Com., 1971 to 1985
Dr. C. Nainar Mohamed, M.A., Ph.D., 1985 to 1989
Prof. Hajee N.Abdul Samadh, M.A.,M.Phil., 1989 to 1998
Dr. K. Abdullah Basha, M.A.,M.Phil., Ph.D., 1998 to 2003
Dr. M. Sheik Mohamed, M.Com.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., FICWA,PGDCA,PGDCM,Dip.MA.,MBA.,M.Phil., 2003 to 2011
Dr. R.Khader Mohideen, M.Com, M.Phil., Ph.D., M.B.A., 2011 to 2013
Dr.A.M.Mohamed Sindhasha, M.Com.,M.Sc.,(Psy).,M.Phil.,M.B.A.,Ph.D., 2013 to 2014

Management Commitee


Janab M.J. Jamal Mohamed Bilal

Janab Dr.A.K. Khaja Nazeemudeen Sahib

Janab Hajee K.A. Khaleel Ahamed Sahib

Hajee M.J. Jamal Mohamed Sahib

Janab Hajee K.M. Mohamed Abdul Gani Sahib
Janab Hajee A.K. Basheer Ahamed Sahib
Janab Hajee A. Rahamathullah
Janab Dr. S.Mohamed Salique
Principal & Ex-officio Member


Dr. N. Manimekalai
Director & Head,
Dept. of Women Studies, BARD.

Academic Responsibilities


Janab. Dr. S. Mohamed Salique

Janab. Dr. A. Mohamed Ibraheem

Hajee Dr. S. Ismail Mohideen

Janab. Dr. K. Abdus Samad

Janab. K.N. Abdul Kader Nihal

Janab. Mr. K.N. Mohamed Fazil

Janab. Mr. M.A. Jamal Mohamed Yaseen Zubeir


Date of Birth & Age : 30.01.1959, 55 Years
Qualification M.Sc., B.Ed., Dip. in Arabic, Ph.D.
Designation & Address : Principal & Associate Professor
PG & Research Department of Botany
Jamal Mohamed College (Autonomous)
Tiruchirappalli – 20
Teaching Experience : PG : 27 Years
UG : 27 Years
Participation in Workshops & Seminars : 28
Publications : 04
Papers Presented in National Seminars / Conferences: 04
Research Experience : M.Phil. Degree - Dissertation Completed - 30
Ph.D Degree - Pursing - 02
Area of Specialization : Marine Microbiology and Fungi
Positions Held
  • Staff Advisor for various Associations like Environmental Club, Leo and Rotaract clubs.
  • Chief Superintendent for the conduct of University Examinations and Autonomous Examinations
  • Served as a Member of Board of Studies in Botany, University of Madras.
  • Member, Selection Committee for Appointment of Assistant Professor of Botany in A.V.V.M. Shri Pushpam College, Poondi.
  • Served as Subject Expert in Practical Examination for various autonomous colleges.
  • Served as a member of Doctoral Research Committee for Ph.D. candidates in various colleges.
  • Served as a Coordinator for the conduct of M.Phil. Botany Classes of Bharathidasan University.
  • Served as Chairman of M.Sc. Microbiology Board for Bharathidasan University.





All hail Jamal Mohamed College!
Long Live Jamal Mohamed College!
Let’s Love Jamal Mohamed College!
With a love that ever grows.

Guided by God’s kindly light
We strive to walk the paths of right
And asking, seeking, knocking find
Treasures t’enrich the mind.

We cherish every gem
Of culture’s diadem
That sparkles in JAMAL

Fun and Play and Team work good
Shall forge us into Brotherhood!
And strong and keen in limb and brain
we true manhood shall gain.

We’ll play our part abroad
As young men who have trod

The ways of good JAMAL
God bless Jamal Mohamed College
The seat of Sweetness and Knowledge
Where Staff and Students graciously
Serve each other truly
Unswerving from the truth
Its progress be all smooth
Through ages yet to be.

- Prof. E.W.P. Thomas (Former Principal)


வாழ்க ஜமால்
வாழ்க வாழ்கவே
வளமார் எமது ஜமால் முகமது
வாழ்க வாழ்கவே

எங்கும் நிறையும் இறையருள் ஒளியில்
இன்பத் துறைசேர் எழிலார் வழியில்
பொங்கும் அறிவும் பொழிவும் கலையும்
பண்பும் பயிலும் அன்பு நிலையம்     (வாழ்க)

அறிவு நூலாசிரியர் போற்றும்
அன்பு கொஞ்சும் மாணவர் போற்றும்
நெறியில் கல்விப் பணிக ளாற்றும்
நெஞ்சு நிரப்பும் ஞான ஊற்று     (வாழ்க)

கூடும் கலையில் ஆடித் திளைக்க
தேடும் அறிவில் ஏறிச் சிறக்க
நாடும் ஆய்வில் ஞானம் பிற்க்க
ஆடும் அரங்கில் கூடிக் களிக்க     (வாழ்க)

உடலில் உறுதி உயரும் உள்ளம்
உணர்வில் தெளிவு ஒளிர்மதி கொள்ளும்
கடவுள் அன்பில் கலைகள் துள்ளும்
கவினாய் அமுதாய் கண்டிமில்லம்     (வாழ்க)


- டாக்டர் சி. நயினார் முகமது
(முன்னாள் முதல்வர்)


  • 1951 College – Inaugurated with Intermediate and UG Courses - Affiliated to University of Madras
  • 1960 Khajamian Men’s Hostel - Inaugurated.
  • 1963 PG Courses – Started.
  • 1963 Alumni Association – Formed.
  • 1972 UGC Recognized under 2(f) and 12 (B) of UGC act 1956
  • 1974 Ph.D Research Programme – Commenced.
  • 1976 UGC Recognized the College as one of the Ten "Lead Colleges" in the state
  • 1976 Silver Jubilee Celebrated.
  • 1982 Affiliated to Bharathidasan University.
  • 1983 M.Phil Courses – Started.
  • 1985 PG Self-Finance Courses – Started.
  • 1986 UG Computer Science Course – Started.
  • 1987 PG Diploma Courses – Started.
  • 1988 AICTE approved M.C.A – Started.
  • 1990 University of Madras – Institute of Correspondence Education – Spot Admission Centre – Stared.
  • 1991 Alumni Association Overseas Chapter – Inaugurated.
  • 1995 UG Self-Finance Courses-Men – Started.
  • 1997 Inauguration of Alumni Chapter, Jeddah
  • 1997 Inauguration of Alumni Chapter, UAE
  • 1999 UG Self-Finance Courses-women – Started shift II.
  • 1999 Inauguration of Alumni Chapter, Malaysia
  • 1999 Inauguration of Alumni Chapter, Singapore
  • 1999 Inauguration of Alumni Chapter, Kuwait
  • 2000 AICTE approved M.B.A – Started.
  • 2001 Golden Jubilee Celebrated.
  • 2001 Computerized Caligraphy Traning Centre Approved by National Council for promoting Urdu language (Ministry of HRD, New Delhi) - Started
  • 2002 Accredited by NAAC at Five Star Level.
  • 2003 PG Self-Finance Courses-Women – Started shift II
  • 2004 Autonomous Status – Conferred.
  • 2005 Women Hostel – Inaugurated.
  • 2005 UGC Approved six Carrier Oriented Programmes (COP) - Started
  • 2007 PG Self-Finance Courses women - started Shift I
  • 2007 Five years Ulama Course with B.A (Arabic) and M.A (Arabic) – Started
  • 2007 Anna University, Chennai study centres – Distance Education – Started.
  • 2008 Convergence Scheme with IGNOU and Twinning Programme with Pondicherry Central University - Started.
  • 2008 Department of Technical Education approved Type Writing Institute - Started
  • 2008 Received Permanent Affiliation orders for Govt. Aided 11 UG, 11 PG and 2 M.Phil Courses
  • 2008 13 UG & 15 PG Additional Sections started
  • 2009 Accredited by NAAC at ‘A’ Grade (CGPA 3.6 out of 4.0)
  • 2009 3 UG & 1 PG Additional sections started
  • 2009 MBA second section started with AICTE Approval
  • 2009 Ph.D in Computer Science and Management Studies started
  • 2009 Received Permanent Affiliation orders for Self Finance MA (English), M.Com, MBA, MCA, M.Sc(IT), M.Sc(CS), BA (English- 2 sections), B.Com(4-sections),B.Sc., Mathematics, 13 M.Phil, 12 Ph.D and 7 Carrier Oriented Programmes (COP) For PG programmes, the filled-in application form, along with xerox copies of the following documents should be submitted within 10 days of the publication of the UG Examination results of the Bharathidasan University.
  • 2010 Additional Section in M.A., English, M.Sc., Mathematics for Men, 4 Year B.S., Biotechnology and additional section in B.Sc., I.T for Women, PG Diploma in Fermentation Technology and UGC approved COP course in E-Mathematical Tools.
  • 2010 Diamond Jubilee Inaugural Function on 11.07.2010
  • 2010 Received Permanent Affiliation orders for 2 sections of M.Sc., Biotechnology
  • 2010 Extension of Autonomous status for 6 more years conferred by UGC and Bharathidasan University
  • 2010 Singapore Alumni Chapter register as Society
  • 2011 Received Permanent Affiliation orders for M.B.A., Additional section-I and M.Sc., Chemistry (2 sections)
  • 2011 Declared open Diamond Jubilee arch
  • 2011 Diamond Jubilee Valedictory function on 07.02.2011 on completion of 60 Years with a students strength of 9625.
  • 2011 Awarded “College with Potential for Excellence Status” with a financial grant of Rs. 1.5 Crores by the UGC, New Delhi
  • 2011 Awarded Accreditation for 3 Years for M.B.A., Programme by National Board of Accreditation of AICTE, New Delhi.
  • 2012 B.Sc., Biotechnology, M.Phil and Ph.D in Biotechnology and Microbiology, Ph.D in Physical Education, Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications with Arabic courses were started.
  • 2012 Inauguration of the Indoor Stadium constructed with partial UGC funding.
  • 2013 PG Diploma in Bio Diversity Informatics under UGC Sponsored innovative scheme was introduced.
  • 2013 College is identified by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) as one of the 45 Colleges in India to be accorded the power to grant degrees in the status of a state University.
  • 2014 Jamal Institute of Management has been Ranked in Category ‘A’ by the All India Management Association (AIMA), New Delhi, Business Standard B-Schools Ratings.
  • 2014 Additional Section in B.Sc., Hotel Management and Catering Science for Men and B.Sc., Physics for Women were started.
  • 2015 B.Com additional section (VIII) for men introduced
  • 2015 B.Sc. Microbiology section started for Women Section
  • 2015 B.Sc. Mathematics addtitional section (III) fro Women Started
  • 2016 Visit of UGC expert committee to evaluate the performance and academic attainment and to recommend the extension Autonomous status of 6 more years (upto 2021 - 2022)
  • 2016 Visist of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) Peer Team for Re-accreditation
    (3rd Cycle) process
  • 2016 The UGC has granted extension of Autonomous status for the further period of six years from 2016-17 to 2021-2022
  • 2016 The College is Re-accredited by NAAC in the Third Cycle with 'A' Grade
  • 2016 B.C.A. additional section (VII) for men introduced
  • 2016 B.COm. additional section (IX) for women introduced
  • 2016 B.Sc. Visual Communication for men started
  • 2016 Inauguration of Alumni Chapter, Tiruchirappalli
  • During 2016-17, the College offers 21 Under Graduate, 21 Post Graduate, 8 UGC Sponsored Career Oriented Programmes, 15 M.Phil and 14 Ph.D., programmes. The present students strength is 10,898 of which 4250 are Women students. We have a dedicated team of 444 Teaching and 230 Non teaching staff.


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