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Placement Cell

Name of the Coordinator

       Dr. S. Kareemullah
       Mobile No : 98652-24090
       Email id : kareemjmc89@yahoo.co.in

Staff Incharge

       Dr. A. Zahir Hussain
        Mobile Number : 98655-17744
        Email id : azahirhussainchem@yahoo.co.in

       Email id : masood_shameed@yahoo.co.in

        J. Mohammed Ubada
       Mobile No : 96291-52145
       Email id : ubada_789@yahoo.com

The placement cell of our college was established in the year 1988. Since then the cell is providing extensive campus training programmes and campus recruitment programmes.

Campus Training:

The Guidance and counseling centre has been a place of selection and training of candidates for the posts of Accountants, Clerks, Personnel Managers recruited by ET-ASCON, Dubai. The candidates have been selected it and outside the college, and trained for more than 6 months in the college. The performance of the trainees in checked, evaluated and measures are taken to improve their performance. After training, they were absorbed by the sponsoring agencies.

Campus Recruitment:

Campus Recruitment is one of the desired services of the students community. Different kinds of recruiting agencies have been visiting our college, nationally and internationally for the purpose of recruiting qualified and suitable candidates from the students of Jamal Organizations engaged in information technology, Medical Transcription, Cellular services, Electrical appliances, Chemical industry and others, visit our institution. This is done apart from the preparation of students for various subordinate services through the coaching centre. Every year 5 to 10 percent of the total students are recruited from the college. Thus, the recruitment is a routine programme of our college. Our college is also a learning centre for people employed in government departments like District Employment Exchange, Taluk office, Coelenterate etc., for equipping computer oriented skills.

Bribe Giving and Receiving is an Offence

Ragging is a Punishable Offence

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