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Career Opportunities in Mathematics

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  • 15
  • 2021

Career oriented program on Mathematics Association (SF women) was conducted on 15th December 2021 for Mathematics and I , II Mathematics and nearly 173 students attended the session.

The program was started with Quirt. Ms. A. Fauzia Begum from I ‘B’ Welcomed the gathering and Ms. O.M. Rukzana Fathima introduced the chief guest.

Our chief guest Mr. R.S. ELANCHEARAN , Ph.d in mathematics IIT Madras.

He delivered his speech on “Career Opportunity in Mathematics” which was very useful and informative for students.

He started his lecture by saying his own experience as example and we came to know that lot of scholarship and competitive exams (CUCET, NIT, IIT, JRF, NET,JAM, NBHM, NIRF, PMR).

He recommended some websites like , Quora, Math stack exchange for references. He advised some you tube channels and shared his views with us.

He asked us to solve more previous year Question papers, he encouraged and motivated us.

The program ended with vote of thanks delivered by V.Gayathri from II ‘B’.

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